2012 Charger Football Information

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2012 Charger Football Information

Here is a copy of the Charger Football information paper that was handed out to all players and parents @ the banquet. We have added are calendar items to our calendar.


Parent Information

Parents, we want to outline many of our off season activities and events. We know that your family time is valuable and we want to assist with your future planning. Many of these dates are already set; however, some will be determined at a later date. Philosophically, we encourage all of our athletes to participate in other sports and activities. We expect a serious commitment to our offseason programs. We tell our players that we want their goals to be 80-90% (A’s & B’s) participation/attendance, when not involved in another KR sport. We are continuing to emphasize our program philosophy which is the “KR Way”. (Citizenship, Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Caring, Respect, Fairness)!


Coaches Offseason

Our coaching staff will meet and review the 2011 season prior to January. During January and February we will all attend 2-4 coaches’ clinics. We will assist players with the college recruiting process. Each coach will meet with their position players to review the season and set goals for the 2012 season. We will continue to monitor players academic progress & will offer tutor/study time second semester. Our coaching staff will supervise/coach/train players after school 4 days per week during the school year and 4 mornings per week in the summer. We instruct power lifting, speed training, conditioning drills, agility drills, and football related drills when the WIAA allows.


Player Grades

All athletes in the State of Washington must pass 5 classes the semester prior to their sport (football is winter/spring of 2012). Players not meeting this requirement will have to sit out the first 4 games of the 2012 season. All KSD athletes must meet the 2.0 requirement. This means you must have a 2.0 semester GPA for winter/spring 2012 or a cumulative grade point average at 2.0 or higher. Players not meeting this requirement will have to sit out the 1st game of the 2012 season. These are the bare minimum requirements; we encourage all of our players to be focused on getting grades that will allow them to attend a college of their choice after graduation.


Winter & Spring Training (Cost = no charge)

The weight room is current open through the month of December. We will begin our offseason training in January after we return from the holiday break. We will have organized workouts on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday of each week, from 2:30 to 3:30pm. This will run from January to the beginning of June. We are currently in the process of developing a study/tutor program 2-3 days per week for student/athletes that are struggling with their academics.


Spring Practice (Cost = no charge)

We will issue football equipment to players at the end of May. Our first practice will be May 29th. We will practice on Tue/Wed/Thur of each week. We spread practices over three weeks in June. KSD Athletic Department allows us 10 practices. We use a progression of helmet & jersey practices, then helmet & shoulder pads, and finally full pads. We offer a 3-day camp (no pads) for incoming freshman.


Summer College Football Camp (Cost = Approximately $200)

We will attend the University of Puget Sound Football Camp the 3rd week in July. We will meet @ KR and carpool each day to Tacoma. This change should have the following benefits: closer to home, snow days will not affect camp, lower cost (approx.. $200), increased attendance, and excellent competition. We provide all equipment for the players and each player is responsible for transportation to UPS and back. Booster parents will help to organize carpools.


Summer Training (Cost = $75. See Coach O if there is a financial hardship)

We will begin our summer program on Monday, June 25th and end on Tuesday, August 14th. Workouts are daily (M/T/Th/F) from 9:00am to 11:30am at Kentridge. These workouts are for all players in our feeder system (Meeker/Northwood/Meridian) 7th & 8th graders plus 9-12 high school players. We are able to incorporate football drills until July 31st. The WIAA does not allow football related drills during the first couple of weeks of August. Players will have approximately 24 workout opportunities in the summer. Also, we usually are involved with multiple passing leagues for our offensive and defensive backs. Those schedules will be announced during spring practices.


2012 Fall Practice Schedule (Fall Sport Cost = $100 based on last season)

All players will have to turn in all of their eligibility paperwork prior to the first practice. Like last season, we will have a fall sports meeting for all players and parents on Monday, August 13th @ KR. Our first football practice will be Wednesday, August 15. IMPORTANT – All players must attend 12 practices prior to being eligible for a game at any level (frosh/JV/Varsity). Varsity players will have 14 practice opportunities prior to their first games vs (TBA – new schedules). JV and Freshman will have 16 practice opportunities prior to their first games vs (TBA – new schedules). We practice every weekday & 2 Saturdays. Saturday, August 25th tentatively will be our annual Parent & Picture Day/Scrimmage @ French Field!


2012 Fall Game Schedules

The SPSL is on a new 2-year cycle, schedules will be announced at the beginning of 2012. Varsity & JV schedules will be against the same opponents during the same weeks and we will flip home and away. What we do not know yet is dates & times of the games. Varsity games will continue to be on Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays and all JV & Freshman games will be on Mondays.


2011-12 Charger Football Website

Coach Griffith established and maintains our football website. We have started one through MaxPreps and we will have another one that can link up to the Kentridge High School Website. Look for game & practice schedules, special events, and lots of other important Charger Football News!


Football Program Questions?

I always encourage parents & players to contact me when you have a question or concern. Email or call, and you can setup an appointment if that works better. I sincerely want all of the people connected to our program to have a great experience. Our coaching staff is continually looking for ways to improve our football program. We want to be on eof the top programs in the SPSL North and in the state of Washington. We appreciate your support!


Marty Osborn
Head Football Coach
Kentridge High School
KR: 253-373-4248
Email: [email protected]

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